A Hui Hou Crematory and Funeral Home

"A Hui Hou" means "Till We Meet Again"

Cremation Options

"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another, is listen to each other's stories."

- Rebecca Falls

All service options include Social Security notification, completion of death certificate and submission to the State, all necessary authorizations and permits, and submission of free newspaper obituaries with family approval. Cremation is completed in Hilo. We're your home town funeral home.

Traditional Cremation with Funeral Service

This is a traditional type service with the final disposition being cremation instead of burial. You may have a funeral service at your church or location of choice. We embalm, dress and prepare the body for viewing. There can be either a private or public viewing. You may also purchase a Memorial Package of memorial service folders, thank you cards and matching register book. We have many to choose from and we do all the printing for you. We have a rental casket available or a variety of suitable wood caskets in varying price ranges. We perform the cremation and return the cremains to the family. Services of the Funeral Home such as cremation and embalming are all done in Hilo.

Gathering of Remembrance or Scattering Service

This is a memorial service which may include the urn, photographs, or other things that are meaningful to the family. We take care of the cremation and have a large choice of urns, including ocean friendly biodegradable scattering urns. Boat or canoe scattering is available.

Direct Cremation

We also offer our services for care of the deceased when no funeral service is desired. Price includes submission of free newspaper obituaries upon approval by family, and cardboard urn. We do the cremation as soon as we have the proper authorizations and complete the paperwork for you.