A Hui Hou Crematory and Funeral Home

"A Hui Hou" means "Till We Meet Again"

Planning Ahead

for your Final Expenses

Planning ahead for your final expenses is one of the most loving things you can do for your family. Your loved ones can be relieved of the emotional burden of planning your funeral at a time of high stress. The funeral that you plan will be a meaningful event based on your express wishes. By funding your plan, your funeral will not be a financial burden on your family.

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In our mobile society, it's common for people to relocate. The prearrangement program that we offer takes this into consideration by making funeral arrangements transferable, anywhere in the United States, through the vast number of licensed funeral homes. Assistance in making transfers is also available. The funeral plan is funded through a life insurance policy which pays a death benefit, very much like a standard life insurance policy. It is a whole life product designed to cover inflation so that you are assured of protection, regardless of how long you live. That's real protection from now on, not just for a few years.

One of the advantages of preplanning is that a trained funeral service professional explains all the services and options available right down to the smallest detail. During these information sessions, many people discover service options they never knew existed. With full information made available in a relaxed, unhurried manner, you'll probably find you're able to get a better sense of your true likes and dislikes. Then making decisions will be easier for you, and your informed decisions will be more satisfying.